E-QUALITY – Digital education for social and financial

inclusion and gender equality

Project Aims

The overall objective of the Action “E-QUALITY - Digital education for social and financial inclusion and gender equality” is to develop new skills on digital literacy, entrepreneurship and leadership of socially vulnerable groups of the KR such as young migrants and low-skills women and through creation and promotion of the sustainable model of social inclusion.

The specific objectives of the Action are as follows:

  • Capacity building of young migrants (including women) on digital skills – ranging from basic digital literacy to more in-demand digital skills such as Big Data, Data analytics, Data protection and Cyber security including financial, entrepreneurship capabilities at national and institutional levels through creation of the training hub;
  • Increase women’s inclusion and participation in civic life with sound entrepreneurship digital and leadership skills.
  • Development and promotion of social and educational policies to support and expand financial and social inclusion, gender equality for vulnerable groups of young migrants, including women in the KR through the development of innovative digital skills.